Fully featured low overhead profiler for Java EE and Java SE platforms.
Performance monitoring and profiling of Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, Gradle, Maven, Ant and JUnit.
Easy to use performance and memory profiler for .NET Framework.

Changes in Version 2020.6

CI Servers and Build Tools

  • feature Atlassian Bamboo is now fully supported and got YouMonitor plugin.
  • feature We track changes in Gradle build tool, and confirm compatibility with Gradle 6.

JVM Support

  • feature YouMonitor 2020.6 supports Java 11, 12, 13 and 14. It means that you can monitor builds running on modern Java 14 as well as on ancient Java 7.

Plugin for CI Servers

  • feature Plugins for all supported CI servers got major update and have been transformed into feature rich web application. Now you can perform right in the Web browser tasks that previously require use of YouMonitor UI.
  • improvement Plugins are better integrated into CI server UI. It is now simple to switch back and forward between YouMonitor and CI server context.

  • feature Dashboard shows 24h real-time memory and CPU load graphs for your build server. YouMonitor separately displays system and CI server resource usage. Now you have an ability to find best JVM settings to run your CI server, and observe system activities which might affect build performance.

  • feature Last week build statistics displays build statistics chart for last 7 days.

  • feature In addition to build statistics, Dashboard shows chart of most problematic failed builds.
  • feature List of monitored projects now displays number of builds, monitoring coverage dates and repository size on disk. It is now possible to delete monitored data and free disk space.

  • feature Daily Build Statistics on repository Summary page shows build statistics chart for last 7 days to estimate how the project evolves.

  • feature For every repository is now possible to defined data retention policy, and specify amount of stored monitoring data.
  • feature On repository Trends page you can view trend graphs of most important metrics: build duration, number if passed/failed unit tests, CPU and memory use.

    feature Graph background has the same coloring as a build status, to visually distinguish problematic builds. You can select any build on the graph and open its details. Also you can delete from repository data of any build you do not need any more.

  • feature Build Overview shows CPU and memory graphs for all JVMs involved into build process, as well as performance charts for every used build technology: longest Gradle projects and tasks, Maven projects and goals, longed JUnit tests, etc.

YouMonitor UI

We've done a big work to make our standalone UI more functional, reliable and user-friendly. We took your feedback from previous version very seriously and fixed all the reported problems and UI glitches.

  • feature Better support of HiDPI displays. We take in account fractional scaling which is very popular nowadays. No more tiny icons and non-readable texts on 4K displays.
  • improvement UI better utilizes available CPU cores to load and process data faster and efficiently.
  • improvement Layout of repository Dashboard has been reworked. Build status is now colored and is better visible. "Open" hyperlink was replaced with button to make it more "central" and distinguishable element.
  • feature JUnit view allows to filter tests by "Passed", "Failed" and "Skipped" status. Now in one click you can see only "Failed" tests.

  • improvement Technologies on Builds Summary are now hyperlinks to simplify navigation.

  • fix Local repositories did not appear in history after open.
  • fix In some cases there were no names for Maven phases.
  • feature By default UI trusts self-signed SSL certificates when connects to remote repositories. The reason of this decision is that almost all repositories run in LAN where impossible to issue certificate signed by a trusted certificate authority.

    You can always turn this behaviour off and return back strict SSL verification by adding -Dym.trustAllSslCertificates=false option in ui.ini file. In this case you will need to do the following steps to make connection possible:

    • Export SSL certificate from your browser to file. For example in myserver.crt
    • Run the command below and import certificate into trusted storage:
      $YM_HOME/jre64/bin/keytool -import -v -trustcacerts -alias myserver \
      -file myserver.crt -keystore $YM_HOME/jre64/lib/security/cacerts \
      -keypass changeit -storepass changeit
      Variable YM_HOME should point to YouMonitor installation directory.
  • feature Proxy configuration has been greatly improved. Now profiler is able to obtain proxy configuration from your browser, operating system or from Proxy Auto Configuration URL.

  • feature Proxy user and password can now be entered directly in the UI. Previously it was required to specify corresponding properties in ui.ini.
  • feature UI respects "bright" or "dark" appearance settings under macOS and adapts color theme according to system preferences.
  • fix UI did not restore size and position of application window after restart.
  • Caveat: minimal supported Windows versions are now Windows 7 (desktop) and Windows Server 2008 R2 (server). Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 are no longer supported. Affected are both the YouMonitor UI and the monitoring agents.

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