Fully featured low overhead profiler for Java EE and Java SE platforms.
Performance monitoring and profiling of Jenkins, TeamCity, Gradle, Maven, Ant, JUnit and TestNG.
Easy to use performance and memory profiler for .NET framework.

Changes in Version 2019.8

CPU profiling

  • CPU flame graph. It is a new way to visualize entire application call tree, which allows to find performance bottlenecks quickly and easily. Execution paths which consume most of the CPU time are wider and more visible on the graph.
  • Sampling accuracy significantly improved, especially when measuring with wall time.
  • High-level statistics: bug fixed: percents might exceed 100%.

Memory profiling

  • Memory snapshot opening has been improved: the dominator tree is now by default computed inside the profiler UI process. Previously, an external process would always be launched for the dominator tree computing.


  • Bug fixed: stack trace panel does not refresh when thread filter is used.
  • Bug fixed: telemetry values might be improperly formatted in non-US locales.

IDE integration

  • Microsoft Visual Studio 2019 has been supported.
  • Support has been discontinued for Visual Studio 2013 and older.

User interface

  • Improved support of HiDPI screens.
  • Snapshot annotation, a free form snapshot description, is now easily accessible in the recent snapshot list, as well as in the "Open Snapshot" dialog.
  • Welcome screen: streamlined agent statuses in regard to the agent attachability. A process without the agent loaded is no longer indicated with the "ready to attach" status, because it cannot be reliably determined until attach is actually performed. Instead, the UI now allows an attempt to attach to any process, which will either succeed or show an error message.
  • Navigation drawer has been modernized to improve usability and look. As the result, profiling status is now visible at the header. Drawer is vertically scrollable. And you can also collapse it horizontally to give more space to other views with profiling results.

  • Horizontal scrolling with two fingers gesture.
  • The profiler UI now shows time in 12 hour (AM/PM) or 24 hour format depending on the system settings.
  • "Open Snapshot" dialog now shows and allows to open a snapshot stored in a GZIP (.gz) or ZIP (.zip) archive.
  • Extract Performance Snapshot is now accessible in the recent snapshot list.
  • Copy File Path is now available in the "Open Snapshot" dialog.
  • Bug fixed: "Open Snapshot" dialog: wrong tooltip position.
  • Bug fixed: permanent, non-closable tooltip in "Threads" view after applying thread name filter.
  • Bug fixed: toolbar panel button visual bug on attempt to start CPU tracing or allocations recording if they are disabled.
  • Bug fixed: menu separator with text does not look like a separator.
  • Bug fixed: expansion states of nodes in Application list on Welcome screen is not saved.
  • Bug fixed: profiler UI failed with internal error being started on a machine with invalid font metrics.

Event recording with probes

  • MongoDB driver version 2.7 has been supported.
  • Cassandra driver version 3.7 has been supported.


  • Caveat: a number of trigger actions have been renamed.


  • The profiler UI now requires a 64-bit Windows to run.
  • Local network address resolution has been improved to properly handle machines with misconfigured or absent "localhost" host name.
  • API: caveat: a number of profiler API methods in YourKit.Profiler.Api.Controller class were renamed.
  • Snapshot comparison: bug fixed: exception difference was not available if the "Exceptions" tab has not been selected at least once in the both snapshots being compared before using the comparison action


"Deprecation" means that we intend to remove the feature or capability from a future release of YourKit .NET Profiler. The feature or capability will continue to work and is fully supported until it is officially removed.

  • Silverlight support.