Export & display data options (mainly for printing)

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Export & display data options (mainly for printing)

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Love the tool ... just a few things that would make my life easier.

One of the main reasons that I use export is to be able to print
the results of a profiling session (CPU profiling mainly).

The only export option right now is to HTML, unfortunately the HTML
page that is generated doesn't generally "fit" nicely onto a normal
paper size (in either portrait or landscape mode).

A couple of export suggestions:
- Provide a CSV export option in addition to the HTML pages/table.
This would allow for a quick import into programs like Excel which
can then be used to print the data.

- Provide a name suppression filter on the displayed results. For example
if I have a large number of classes in a package:
com.acme.this.that.something.else.<Real classes start here>

Then being able to suppress the "com.acme.this.that.something.else" in
the display would help to reduce the table size in the HTML export so that
it could potentially fit on a page.

- Provide a reverse naming scheme where the method name is displayed
in a separate column from the package. This would be equivalent to the
name suppression, but may provide more benefit with less user effort.
For example:
get(int) : java.util.ArrayList

This would allow you to focus on the methods that are of most interest
to you without having to wade through all of the package information.

Wicked tool guys!
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