Paths of Objects without GC roots

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Paths of Objects without GC roots

Post by ron.amir »

Hello, I can see that a certain object is created excessively during a request, however when I capture a memory snapshot at the end of the request and before GC, I see that those object don't have a gc root, i.e. they will be collected by the next gc. Is there a way for me to understand the path to this object even though it doesn't have a root at the end of the request? some way to understand where this object is being created?

Vladimir Kondratyev
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Re: Paths of Objects without GC roots

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1) Start object allocation recording, make requests and capture memory snapshot ... ording.jsp

2) Open snapshot and select "reachability" view ... ity.jsp#ui

3) Select "Objects pending finalization" row and press F4

4) Select "Allocation call tree - All threads merged" ... merged.jsp

You will see where the objects pending finalization have been allocated.

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