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UI feature list...

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I am very new to yourkit profiler, so if I am missing something, someone please point me in the right direction. I am profiling many applications (on different machines), so a few ideas came to mind that would be helpful (not sure if anything like this has been mentioned before):

Creating a configuration for each application being profiled, containing a name, optional host name/IP, and port. Also maybe a default location to find snapshots for that application?

A list of the snapshots and the application they are associated to. Maybe an option of grouping those snapshots? Maybe a way of archiving/versioning these so that we can compare profiles over time (see why our applications have degraded release after release :lol: ), this could be done just through grouping...

As an example, create a tree in the UI containing all the configured applications, under each, a list of associated snapshots/groups of snapshots, etc.

This would definitely be helpful to myself, not sure about anyone else.....
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