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Suggestions for .walltime

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Suggestions for .walltime

Postby hugues » Mon May 12, 2008 12:18 pm


I recently had to fix a lag in my application, and I knew it was related to some file I/O stuff (because of a slow NFS server), but had a hard time finding where exactly.

Until I had the idea to add a few items to my .walltime. GREAT feature :)

The default "values" (see http://www.yourkit.com/docs/70/help/times.jsp) include methods from RandomAccessFile and socket in/out streams.

I just added those :

And I also found that sun.awt.X11.XClipboard.getContents(Object) can be slow in certain circumstances.

So here are my additions:
Code: Select all
java.io.File listFiles *
java.io.File isFile ()V
java.io.File isDirectory ()V
sun.awt.X11.XClipboard getContents (Ljava/lang/Object)Ljava/awt/datatransfer/Transferable

Would it be advisable to have those enabled by default ? I found them useful, so... here are my two cents :)

Also, there is a bunch of other I/O-bound methods in the File class, which I did not need, but others may. Even if all methods are not I/O-bound, it may be simpler to just include "java.io.File * *" inside the .walltime file.


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