Opening Large snapshots

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Re: Opening Large snapshots

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What is the ratio of snapshot size to heap size requirement?
Do you mean the -Xmx for the profiler UI? When a snapshot is opened, most of the data is mapped or loaded to native memory outside the Java heap. Having -Xmx8g or -Xmx16g should normally be enough.
With the latest release.
I'm having trouble opening a snapshot that is 4.9GB
I went all the way up to 12Gb of heap but it still failed with out of memory error

In older versions I was usually ok with snapshot size + 1 or 2 Gb
Do you compare versions 2022.3 and 2021.11?
Also when you define Xmx in the ini file it does not replace the one from the script as my jvm args contain two memory options.
How do you launch the profiler UI? On what OS/platform?
Could you please provide the content of ini file and the profiler UI log file which shows the applied options.