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Eclipse & Websphere 8.5 Integration

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Eclipse & Websphere 8.5 Integration

Postby moffit » Wed Feb 17, 2016 4:17 pm


I have recently purchased the YourKit Java profiler.

After I install the Eclipse plugin with Eclipse Kepler, I do not see a profile option for my Websphere 8.5 server.

I tried the stand-alone integration option, which works to an extent, but I cannot see any of my own application classes when I do it that way (it's as if it can see my deployed EAR file which is setup through Eclipse-Websphere integration).

How to you profile Websphere 8.5 through the IDE? Your help file does not include specific steps for this.

If I right-click on the Enterprise project, and select new profile configuration, there is no server available in the Server drop-down selector, even though I do have a server configured in the server's view.

Do you have a working Eclipse/YourKit/Websphere 8.5 integration scenario that works?
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Re: Eclipse & Websphere 8.5 Integration

Postby Anton Katilin » Wed Feb 17, 2016 7:48 pm


What kind of run configuration is this? Can you provide a screenshot of run/debug dialog showing your configuration? (Please send it to support@yourkit.com if it's easier for you.)

As a simple workaround please try:
- use the standalone EE server integration wizard (as you did)
- choose the Generic server option instead
- manually add the generated VM option -agentpath to WebSphere VM options in Eclipse
- run the server from within Eclipse as you usually do

Best regards,
Anton Katilin
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