Maven2 Integration

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Maven2 Integration

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I would like to find if YourKit has considered building trend reporting at the method level for different builds. My vision of this is something similar to the Maven2 plugin for Cenqua Clover. When the plugin is activated, method-level profiling is activated. Since the timing for unit tests mean relatively little in isolation, a cache of previous results could be kept over time. Then basic HTML reports could be generated as a part of the build, highlighting methods with the largest change in performance between builds and over time.

In practice, when combined with a continuous integration server such as Continuum, team members could get instant notification about changes in their build.

Taken a step further, I would envision a server-based architecture like Cenqua FishEye that allowed users to subscribe to RSS feeds with reports they were interested. Reports would only be generated if they matched given criteria, such as "any method whose performance changes by > 20%". This would show up in an RSS reader so that team members could take action.

Thanks for your consideration of these ideas and I look forward to hearing your thoughts on them.

Brian Topping
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