Thread Telemetry - Report by Method

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Thread Telemetry - Report by Method

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I'd like to request a further summary views on the thread telemetry that displays the summarizes the sample by method name. At the moment I'm spending a lot of time traversing the tree on the CPU Usage Estimation tab, when I really want to be able to scroll through methods by most consuming to least consuming, regardless of where they are in the tree. Obviously there will be a bit of noise at the top as higher level method calls will be sampled more commonly.

An option to view only methods that were the leaf nodes of all samples summarized by samples would be useful as well.

So say I captured the following stack traces.

1 : A->B
2 : A->B->C
3 : A->B->C->D
4 : A->B->C->D

The report would be as follows:

Method Summary

A : 4
B : 4
C : 3
D : 2

Summary by Execution Point:

D : 2
C : 1
B : 1

The Method Summary would help understand components of the stack that have high elapsed time.

Summary by Execution Point would help understand the specific methods without having to traverse the CPU Usage Estimation tree exhaustively.
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