Question about Object Explorer "and more..."

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Question about Object Explorer "and more..."

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When I am viewing objects int the object explorer, if there are too many, it will say "and more...", but I can't figure out how to goto the next page of objects. Is it possible? I checked online documentation for Object Explorer, but it is very brief and makes no mention of limiting the number, pagination, or "and more..".

What I would like is to be able to press ENTER on "and more.." and see the next X objects populated.
Or else, you could show Max Object [ X ] and allow me to change it if I wanted to see more. The downside of those two approaches is for a really large number of objects, you might not be able to show all of them at one time.

You could support some form of pagination, where I can goto next page, previous page, jump to page Y,etc.

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