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IIS app profiling doesn't work

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IIS app profiling doesn't work

Postby balintnaw » Thu Feb 22, 2018 4:54 pm

I'm evaluating YourKit now.
I successfully used it for a standalone app.

Now I'd like to profile an IIS app - but it doesn't work.
I start YourKit, hit IIS Application and hit the [Profile] button. The progress bar shows up. I go to Visual Studio, hit F5 to start the web app. I get a bunch of warnings from Windows Firewall, that YourKit tries to connect to everything from the CSC compiler and VB compiler, but the progress bar remains on screen indefinitely and no performance data is captured.

At the first attempt I had IE windows open. Then I tried closing them and starting profiling with all IE windows closed. I did have other browser windows (Chrome) open.

What am I doing wrong? How should I do it right?
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Re: IIS app profiling doesn't work

Postby Anton Katilin » Fri Feb 23, 2018 1:08 pm


Do you run IIS Express?

Please try to profile all processes
https://www.yourkit.com/docs/dotnet/hel ... al_all.jsp

and/or to attach to a running instance started without the agent:
https://www.yourkit.com/docs/dotnet/hel ... _agent.jsp

Best regards,
Anton Katilin
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