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Profiler UI cannot detect the profiled applications

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Profiler UI cannot detect the profiled applications

Postby bfan » Thu Dec 18, 2014 3:57 pm


I ran into a problem where Profiler UI cannot find the profiled applications.

I'm on Mac OS 10.9.5.

I created a very simple Java class, Test.java, which waits for user input. I started the class with profiler agent:

java -agentpath:/Applications/YourKit_Java_Profiler_9.0.9.app/bin/mac/libyjpagent.jnilib Test
[YourKit Java Profiler 9.0.9] Loaded. Log file: /Users/bfan/.yjp/log/780.log
Enter any key to continue...

I checked the log file and everything seems fine:
[YourKit Java Profiler 9.0.9] [0.842]: Profiler agent is listening on port 10001
[YourKit Java Profiler 9.0.9] [0.845]: *** HINT ***: To get profiling results, connect to the application from the profiler UI

I did a telnet on port 10001 and the port is open.

Now I launched Profiler UI, the above JVM is not in the application list. Click on "Show all running JVMs", the UI states program "Test" "Started without profiler".

Any help will be appreciated.


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Re: Profiler UI cannot detect the profiled applications

Postby Anton Katilin » Thu Dec 18, 2014 6:48 pm

Version 9 is unsupported. Please use the latest version 2014 instead.
Anton Katilin
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