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YKP 4.0 - Eclipse 3.0 Plugin (apps 3.1.1 starting)

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YKP 4.0 - Eclipse 3.0 Plugin (apps 3.1.1 starting)

Postby oheaviside » Tue Mar 22, 2005 2:11 am

Maybe I'm missing something here but when I install the Eclipse 3.0 plugin using YJP 4 and start the application in Eclipse IDE I get the message:

"[YourKit Java Profiler 3.1.1 #449] CPU tracing is started
[YourKit Java Profiler 3.1.1 #449] Allocations recording is started
[YourKit Java Profiler 3.1.1 #449] Listening on port 10000..."

And when I try to connect to the profiled application from YKP 4 I get:

"No application being profile found"

When I start a sample app bundled with YJP 4 and then try to connect to it using YJP 4 it works.

I tried to using the automatic Eclipse IDE installer in YJP 4 and manually using both Eclipse 3.0 and Eclipse 3.1 but I always get the 3.1.1 #449 message when starting a profiled application in Eclipse.

I dusted off my YJP 3.1 and started that up. YJP 3.1.1 connected to the profiled application in Eclipse just fine.

Maybe my questions have been answered somewhere else on this board but here they are:

1. Does the Eclipse IDE plugin bundled with YJP 4 only work with YJP 3.1.1?
2. Is there something that I'm missing to get the Eclipse IDE plugin to work with YJP 4?

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Postby Vladimir Kondratyev » Tue Mar 22, 2005 8:00 pm

Hi oheaviside,

it seems that you have old yjpagent.dll somewhere in PATH. Please try to find all copies of yjpagent.dll file on your hard drive.

Vladimir Kondratyev
Vladimir Kondratyev
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