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Tomcat 5 integration failed

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Tomcat 5 integration failed

Postby craigday » Wed Feb 09, 2005 1:32 am

build 526

integration with the tomcat5.exe failed. integration with startup.bat worked fine though:


C:\java\jakarta-tomcat-5.0.28\bin>rem Generated with YourKit Java Profiler 4.0 EAP build 526

C:\java\jakarta-tomcat-5.0.28\bin>set PATH=C:\Program Files\YourKit Java Profiler 4.0 EAP build 526\bin\win32;C:\java\webmethods\glue\bin;c:\openssh\b
AQ~1\DMI\Win32\BIN;C:\Program Files\Sun\MessageQueue3\bin;C:\WINDOWS\system32\nls;C:\WINDOWS\system32\nls\ENGLISH;J:\Oracle\Ora6i\bin;J:\Oracle\Ora6i\
jdk\bin;J:\Oracle\Ora8i\bin;J:\Oracle\Ora60\bin;C:\Program Files\Subversion\bin;C:\java\webmethods\glue\bin;C:\Program Files\SSH Communications Securi
ty\SSH Secure Shell;C:\Program Files\Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003\\bin

C:\java\jakarta-tomcat-5.0.28\bin>set JAVA_TOOL_OPTIONS=-agentlib:yjpagent=port=10100,sessionname=Tomcat

C:\java\jakarta-tomcat-5.0.28\bin>tomcat5.exe //TS//Tomcat5 --JvmOptions="-Xrunyjpagent:port=10100,sessionname=Tomcat"
[2005-02-09 09:29:29] [349 prunsrv.c] [error]
The system cannot find the file specified.
[2005-02-09 09:29:29] [1037 prunsrv.c] [error]
Load configuration failed

Otherwise,.. keep up the good work :)
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Postby Anton Katilin » Wed Feb 09, 2005 9:19 am


I've tried, and it works fine for me.

Probably tomcat is started as server at the moment when you launch tomcat5_with_yjp.bat. If so, please try to stop the service before.

Also, please try the latest build 528 and re-generate tomcat5_with_yjp.bat . The difference is that "port=10100" clause will not be specified, instead an available free port will be used in runtime by profiler agent. Probably the problem is with that port.

Best regards,
Anton Katilin
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