Fully featured low overhead profiler for Java EE and Java SE platforms.
Performance monitoring and profiling of Jenkins, TeamCity, Gradle, Maven, Ant, JUnit and TestNG.
Easy to use performance and memory profiler for .NET framework.

Integration with JDeveloper

CPU and memory profiling has never been easier and smarter at the same time with using YourKit on the JDeveloper IDE. YourKit Java Profiler brings new functionality to JDeveloper and adds the ability to profile complex Java EE and desktop applications with just a single click. YourKit Java Profiler adds a new Profile action in all places where you usually find Run or Debug within the JDeveloper environment. The profiler is seamlessly integrated with JDeveloper 11g.

After installation of the plugin, you'll see the Profile actions visible in the main toolbar:

...and in the main menu:

...and in the main toolbar:

You can profile any kind of Java application: Java SE, Java EE, WebStart, applet etc.

You can configure profiling parameters in the Project Properties dialog's node YourKit Java Profiler.

The Profile action starts the profiled application, connects to it the profiler UI (if opposite behavior is not configured). The output of the profiled application appears in the normal JDeveloper output console the same as it would from the normal Run action within the environment.

To make developer's life comfortable and easier the YourKit Java Profiler provides quick navigation from profiling results right into JDeveloper source editor.

Unlike other solutions that force you to tell the profiler where the source code of your application is located and then merely show the code in a feature-restricted self-made editor surrogate, YourKit provides an alternative approach. Simply select a method, class or field in the profiler UI, and then use Tools | Open in IDE (F7), to automatically open underlying source code in the JDeveloper editor.