Fully featured low overhead profiler for Java EE and Java SE platforms.
Performance monitoring and profiling of Jenkins, TeamCity, Gradle, Maven, Ant, JUnit and TestNG.
Easy to use performance and memory profiler for .NET framework.

Changes in YourKit Java Profiler 2019.8 Builds

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Build #137

  • Agent: macOS: bug fixed: profiling data transfer from the profiler agent to the profiler client might fail for a profiled process with more than 1024 file descriptors opened.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Build #136

  • Triggers: UI layout bug fixed.
  • Attach mode supported for AdoptOpenJDK OpenJ9 release 0.17.0.
  • IDE integration: improved detection of NetBeans installations on Windows and Linux.
  • Agent: bug fixed: profiling data transfer from the profiler agent to the profiler client might fail when using non-blocking sockets or in a busy network.
  • Telemetry: bug fixed: incorrect values in GC count chart.
  • Automatic deobfuscation: bug fixed: lambda class names were not deobfuscated.
  • Automatic deobfuscation: bug fixed: some method names obfuscated with ProGuard were not properly deobfuscated.

Build #127

  • New feature: NetBeans 11.2 is supported.
  • Bug fixed: export from command line produced empty output for charts.

Build #126

  • Potential deadlock white list updated.
  • Bug fixed: potential deadlock panel was empty until using "Refresh".
  • Bug fixed: built-in probes: thread events might not be recorded on Java 9+ by the profiler agent loaded on start.
  • Bug fixed: profiler agent might fail sending information to the profiler UI on a heavy loaded system.

Build #123

  • UI: new troubleshooting option -Dyk.font.scale=<value> to be specified in <user home>/.yjp/ui.ini has been added to alter the font size in the case it is incorrectly chosen automatically. For example, to make the font larger, try values 1.5, 2, 2.5 etc. until you find the best fit. The automatically detected scale value is reported in the profiler log file <user home>/.yjp/log/profiler-ui-<pid>.log as calculated screenScale.
  • macOS: scripts samples/sample*/run.sh use the bundled JRE.
  • Bug fixed: HPROF dump of IBM J9 JVM captured on AIX failed to open.
  • Other minor bug fixes.

Build #115

  • New feature: IntelliJ IDEA 2019.3 is supported.
  • New feature: IntelliJ IDEA plugin is aware of the plugin directories controlled with JetBrains Toolbox.
  • Probes: socket probes have been updated to support JDK 13.
  • UI: bug fixed: object explorer might freeze while showing class-specific object presentations for the first time after opening the memory snapshot.

Build #110

  • New feature: JDK 13 supported.
  • Bug fixed: "Object Allocation Recording" chart in "Memory" tab was always empty, even with object allocation recording running.

Build #109

  • New feature: NetBeans 11.1 is supported.
  • Bug fixed: action Memory | (Find) Objects by Field Value... incorrectly worked for type double.

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