Fully featured low overhead profiler for Java EE and Java SE platforms.
Performance monitoring and profiling of Jenkins, TeamCity, Gradle, Maven, Ant, JUnit and TestNG.
Easy to use performance and memory profiler for .NET framework.

Changes in YourKit Java Profiler 2019.1 Builds

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Build #133

  • macOS application is now notarized to meet macOS 10.14.5 security requirements
  • Bug fixed: improper session name for a profiled application launched with Java command line options --module-path/-p or --upgrade-module-path
  • Other bug fixes

Build #127

  • IDE integration: NetBeans 11 supported
  • Bug fixed: hyphen (-) was not accepted in the proxy host name in "Configure proxy" and other places
  • Startup options periodichprof and usedmemhprof might not work in several conditions

Build #117

  • Bug fixed: Java 12.0.1 might fail loading the profiler agent
  • Improvements and fixes in Eclipse OpenJ9 OpenJDK 12 support

Build #114

  • IDE integration: Eclipse 2019-03 supported
  • Bug fixed: snapshot with many process events loaded slowly, might fail with out of memory error

Build #113

  • Java 12 supported
  • IDE integration: IntelliJ IDEA 2019.1 supported
  • Bug fixed: no events were recorded for java.io.FileInputStream and java.io.FileOutputStream on Java 11+
  • Bug fixed: memory profiling: assertion failed while opening memory snapshots with certain data pattern
  • Bug fixed: improper session name when profiling from within IntelliJ IDEA on certain JDKs
  • Bug fixed: IDE integration: plugin configuration file was silently rewritten by launching an older profiler UI version, resulting in wrong agent being used in "Profile" action
  • Bug fixed: snapshot annotation edited from the recent snapshot list was not immediately updated in the open snapshot dialog

Build #112

  • Bug fixed: HBase built-in probe issued warnings to the agent log
  • Bug fixed: Welcome screen: custom session name was not shown for local applications

Build #111

  • Memory profiling: bug fixed: HPROF snapshot could not be captured for AdoptOpenJDK.net OpenJDK with HotSpot
  • Bug fixed: pressing ESC during snapshot loading might cause internal error
  • Bug fixed: profiler UI does not start on Linux if installation path contains spaces

Build #110

  • Bug fixed: UI might crash on macOS when connecting to a long running JVM