Fully featured low overhead profiler for Java EE and Java SE platforms.
Performance monitoring and profiling of Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, Gradle, Maven, Ant and JUnit.
Easy to use performance and memory profiler for .NET Framework.

Changes in Version 2020.7

User interface

  • feature Better support of HiDPI displays. We take in account fractional scaling which is very popular nowadays. No more tiny icons and non-readable texts on 4K displays.
  • improvement Colors in bright and dark themes were tweaked to make texts more contrast and readable.
  • fix Some invisible live views might be empty or out of date, if the profiled application terminated.
  • feature New option to open snapshot immediately after capturing. Option is available in Settings | On Snapshot Capture menu.

  • feature Inline search now accepts Paste action. It works even when the search popup is not shown: pasting to a table opens the search popup and starts searching.
  • feature Useful snapshot actions from Welcome screen are also available in the popup menu of snapshot button.

  • feature Proxy configuration has been greatly improved. Now profiler is able to obtain proxy configuration from your browser, operating system or from Proxy Auto Configuration URL. Proxy user and password can now be entered directly in the UI instead of specifying ui.ini.

  • fix Profiler UI did not restore size and position of application window after restart.
  • fix Export to PNG might produce blurry text.


  • feature Thrown Exceptions telemetry chart is available in Performance Charts view in Basic Telemetry section. The chart shows number of thrown exceptions per second.

  • feature System CPU usage telemetry was added to the CPU Usage chart. This telemetry shows total system CPU utilization, and allows you to investigate how system CPU usage correlates with the profiled application.

  • improvement Views with telemetry charts were cleaned up. We removed redundant splits and horizontal lines. Layout and selector controls have been reworked. Now the legend is placed at the same line as chart title, layout is responsive and adapts visible elements to the screen size. As the result, charts got more vertical space and look more clear.
  • improvement Performance of horizontal scrolling in telemetry graphs has been greatly improved.
  • feature Time axis is exported to PNG. Previous versions exported only graph and value axis.
  • fix Some charts in Performance Charts view might be missing on early connect to the profiled application.
  • fix Unintended automatic scrolling might happen when clicking on Performance Charts.
  • fix ESC did not clear selection in Threads view.
  • fix Inconsistent width of value axis in a graph group.

CPU profiling

  • feature CPU flame graph: added action to copy selection to clipboard.
  • feature CPU flame graph: added action to copy stack trace to clipboard.
  • feature CPU flame graph: new action Export to... in popup menu to export flame graph to PNG image.

Memory profiling

  • feature Snapshot loading capacity expanded: snapshots of up to 2,147,483,632 (~2 billion) objects can be loaded. Previous limit was twice as low (~1 billion).
  • feature New option -Dyk.object.count.limit=N specified in <user home>/.ynp/ui.ini allows for partial loading of a memory snapshot by loading only first N objects and skipping the rest.

    Although this approach gives incomplete picture, it may be practically useful when full snapshot loading cannot be done on particular machine due to lack of memory and/or if it takes too much time.

    By default, the limit is 2,147,483,632 (~2 billion).

  • feature Important snapshot loading warnings are now shown to the user after opening a memory snapshot.
  • feature Classes view previously located inside Memory & GC Telemetry was moved to a new dedicated page Classes inside the Memory tab. As before, Classes view is shown only in live mode and in a performance snapshot. It is superseded with more specialized views in a memory snapshot.

  • feature New graph layout in Memory tab. Graphs are now arranged in 3 rows of 2 graphs each.
  • feature Find | Strings by pattern... (Ctrl+F) action can be cancelled, which may be helpful when working with huge snapshots.
  • improvement The node indicating incomplete list and more... in Object explorer is now always placed last, disregarding the column sort direction.
  • improvement Expansion of the node <Retained from several objects simultaneously (don't have a dominator)> in Merged paths is faster.
  • improvement Snapshot loading time and memory footprint reduced by not pre-calculating depth to GC roots for all objects, which used to be significant for huge snapshots. Instead, the inspection "Objects with biggest distance to nearest GC root" calculates the depths on demand. The inspection now also allows to set the depth limit to speed up analysis of huge snapshot.
  • fix Action Memory | Instances by Class... (Ctrl+N) being invoked in a class name context, might preselect improper class in the list.
  • fix Object explorer: sorting by "Name" column did not respect class loader indices.
  • fix Paths: action Expand Node Fully might cause stack overflow on a very long path.


  • fix Crash might happen when adding a trigger on timer.


  • feature Event tables: times can be shown in microseconds instead of milliseconds with the help of the new option -Dyk.event.time=mks specified in <user home>/.ynp/ui.ini.
  • feature Probes updated to support Apache Cassandra database C# driver versions 3.15.


  • improvement Remote profiling with Advanced application discovery method has been improved. Profiler connects faster and consumes less traffic.
  • improvement Other stability improvements in agent.
  • improvement Windows: the profiler launcher logging can be enabled by creating an empty file <user home>\.ynp\enable_launcher_log.txt, which may be helpful for troubleshooting. The log files profiler-launcher-<PID>.log are created in the profiler log directory <user home>\.ynp\log.
  • fix Export from command line might produce empty output for charts.
  • caveat Minimal supported Windows versions are now Windows 7 (desktop) and Windows Server 2008 R2 (server). Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 are no longer supported. Affected are both the profiler UI and the profiler agent.


YourKit .NET Profiler 2020.7 will be the last release which supports the following features or capabilities. They will be removed in the next release.

  • Option to set "system" color theme. The motivation is that we want to have consistent and modern UI look on all supported platforms.

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