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Not enough disk space for temporary files

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When the profiler opens a memory snapshot, it may create temporary files in the user's default temporary directory.

Since version 2017.02 if there is not enough disk space in the default directory, you can specify alternate directory with the help of the property -Dyk.tmp.dir=<directory> in <user home>/.yjp/ui.ini

In older versions, the property name was -Dyjp.alternate.temp.dir=<directory> and the property file location was platform-depended:

  • Version 2016.02:
    • All platforms except for macOS: <user home>/.yjp/ui.ini
    • macOS: <Profiler Installation Directory>/Contents/Info.plist
  • Versions 2014-2015:
    • All platforms except for macOS: <Profiler Installation Directory>/bin/ui.ini
    • macOS: <Profiler Installation Directory>/Contents/Info.plist
  • Version 9.0-2013:
    • All platforms except for macOS: <Profiler Installation Directory>/bin/yjp.ini
    • macOS: <Profiler Installation Directory>/Contents/Info.plist
  • Version 8.0.x:
    • Windows: <Profiler Installation Directory>\bin\win32\yjp.ini
    • macOS: <Profiler Installation Directory>/Contents/Info.plist
    • other platforms: <Profiler Installation Directory>/bin/yjp.sh

Restart the profiler UI after that.