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Profiled application fails to start: 'Error occurred during initialization of VM. Could not find agent library on the library path or in the local directory: yjpagent'

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If you manually configured the command line of the profiled application, please make sure you have made it properly, as described here.

In particular, make sure you select the directory that corresponds to your platform and the appropriate 32 or 64-bit agent version.

On Linux, make sure you appropriately use 32 or 64-bit libraries: bin/linux-x86-32 vs. bin/linux-x86-64. For example, pay attention that even if your Linux is 64-bit, you may use 32-bit JVM, that needs 32-bit agent version.

On Solaris, make sure you use an appropriate platform (SPARC or x86) and a 32 or 64-bit agent version. Even if Solaris is 64-bit, you may use 32-bit JVM. In that case, the 32-bit agent should be used: solaris-<platform>-32 instead of solaris-<platform>-64. To use 64-bit JVM, add -d64 JVM parameter to the command line.

Another possible reason is that profiler agent library cannot be linked because it depends on other libraries not installed on your system. To see if that is the case, please:

  • cd <profiler directory>/bin/<platform>
  • ldd libyjpagent.so

If ldd shows non satisfied dependencies, please try to resolve them by installing the missing shared libraries.

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