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Console version of Java EE server integration wizard

The following describes profiling of a Java EE server running on a remote machine (i.e. the server and the profiler UI run on different machines).

Read about profiling a local Java EE server (i.e. running on the same machine where you run the profiler UI) here.

If you have only a console access (e.g. via ssh) to the machine where the Java EE server to be profiled is hosted, use the console version of the Java EE integration wizard.

The wizard automatically enables profiling in a number of popular application servers, generating appropriate startup scripts. Even if your server is not in the list of known servers, the wizard offers the "Generic server" option which will instruct you on how to manually perform the necessary changes.

Running the wizard

  • Download distribution bundle for the remote machine's platform
  • Copy the distribution bundle file to the remote machine and unpack to arbitrary directory (or install if on Windows). License key is NOT required to run the console version of the integration wizard.
  • Run this command:

    On Windows

    <Profiler Installation Directory>\bin\integrate.bat

    On other platforms

    <directory with unpacked content>/bin/yjp.sh -integrate

  • follow the instructions that will appear:

Note: the integration wizard generates output files (copies of configuration files, additional startup scripts) in directories where original files locate. Please ensure that you run the command with sufficient access rights.

Also see Java EE high-level profiling