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Values of primitive types

Values of primitive types (int, boolean, double etc.) are available in a memory snapshot if it is:

  • YourKit format snapshot (*.snapshot) of profiled application running on Java 6 or newer.

    Note: for Sun Java 6, update 4 or newer is required (because of a JVM bug 6540288)

  • HPROF-format snapshot of profiled application running on Java 6 or newer, or captured on OutOfMemoryError

Values of primitive fields and arrays of primitive types are shown in object explorers:

Also, a text representation in specified encoding can be seen for byte[] in Quick Info.

Values of strings help locating (identifying) a particular object among other objects of the same class. Memory | Strings by Pattern... (Ctrl+F) action searches for strings, char arrays or byte arrays, even with regular expressions.