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ControllerBuilder Class

Builder class is used to create a new Controller instance.
Inheritance Hierarchy

Namespace:  YourKit.Profiler.Api
Assembly:  YourKit.Profiler.Api (in YourKit.Profiler.Api.dll) Version: 2021.11.197
public sealed class Builder

The ControllerBuilder type exposes the following members.

Public methodbuild
Creates Controller instance.
Public methodhost
Sets name or IP address of the host where the profiled application is running.
Public methodport
Sets port, which profiler agent listens on.
Public methodreverseProxyPath
Sets optional reverse HTTP proxy path.
Public methodself

Specifies that controller is used to profile application from itself, i.e. to profile the CLR running this code.

The application must be started with the profiler; see

Public methodtimeout
Sets the timespan to wait before a controller request times out.
Public methodtrustAllSslCertificates
Specifies whether all SSL certificates should be trusted.
Use Controller.newBuilder() to create the builder.
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