Fully featured low overhead profiler for Java EE and Java SE platforms.
Easy-to-use performance and memory .NET profiler for Windows, Linux and macOS.
Secure and easy profiling in cloud, containers and clustered environments.
Performance monitoring and profiling of Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, Gradle, Maven, Ant and JUnit.

Profiling in Docker container

Profiling .NET applications in Docker containers can be challenging due to the restrictive nature of the Docker environment. One of the common issues that developers encounter is setting up communication between the profiler and the .NET application running inside the Docker container.

Port forwarding

This article describes how to set up Docker port forwarding to expose the profiler agent port outside the Docker container. This configuration allows the profiler to connect directly (or through an SSH tunnel) to the profiling agent.

YourKit Connection Broker

This article demonstrates how to profile an application inside a Docker container using YourKit Connection Broker. With this approach, you won't need to open ports or know the IP address of your Docker container.

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