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Automatic deobfuscation

What is obfuscation and deobfuscation?

Obfuscation is the process of transforming the original .NET source code into a form that is difficult to read and understand, yet retains its functionality. It involves renaming variables, methods, and classes to non-meaningful identifiers and may also include altering control flow to make it more complex. Obfuscation is used primarily for security reasons, making it hard for malicious actors to reverse-engineer the application.

Deobfuscation is essentially the reverse of obfuscation. It converts the obfuscated code back to a form that is easier to read and understand.

How to configure deobfuscator

Profiling an obfuscated .NET application can be a real challenge. Fortunately, if your application is obfuscated, YourKit .NET Profiler can automatically restore original names of classes, fields, and methods. Deobfuscator can be configured for a specific snapshot, as well as when you are connected to the running application. In this case the deobfuscator will apply to live results and will be chosen by default for captured snapshots.

To configure deobfuscator, please visit Summary tab and click Configure deobfuscator... hyperlink. You will need to specify deobfuscator type and the path to the obfuscation log:

Configure deobfuscator

Supported .NET obfuscators

YourKit .NET Profiler supports the following obfuscators:

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