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Group objects by class and namespace

When analyzing a .NET memory snapshot, understanding the structure of objects in memory can offer invaluable insights into your application's performance and resource consumption. One effective way to do this is by grouping objects by their classes and namespaces, represented in a tree-like structure.

YourKit .NET Profiler allows you to group objects by their classes and namespaces, and evaluate how much memory they use:

Group objects by class and package

Why group by classes and packages?

1. Simplifies analysis: Grouping objects by their classes and packages provides a logical structure that's easy to navigate.

2. Identifies memory leaks: If a specific package or class is consuming too much memory, you might suspect a memory leak, or consider refactoring the code.

3. Performance Tuning: Understanding the memory footprint of different classes can help you fine-tune your application for better performance.

Practical tips

Focus on large consumers

Begin your analysis by focusing on packages or classes that consume the most memory.

Isolate anomalies

If you see a class with an unusually high number of instances or memory consumption, delve deeper to identify the root cause.

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