Fully featured low overhead profiler for Java EE
and Java SE platforms.
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Easy to use performance and memory profiler for .NET framework.
Supports ASP.NET, Silverlight, .NET Windows services and more.
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Memory telemetry

After you are connected to the profiled application, find the "Memory" telemetry tab on the session panel.

Memory profiling controls in the toolbar

Memory usage graphs

The "Memory" tab shows live memory usage statistics:

  • Heap memory usage (heap memory is the storage for Java objects)
  • Non heap memory usage (non heap memory is used by Java to store loaded classes and other meta-data)
  • Current class loading statistics

A very useful and unique feature of this graph is that the telemetry information is remembered inside the profiler agent. This allows you to connect to the profiled application on demand and discover how the application behaved in the past.

Class instance count telemetry

The bottom table on the "Memory" tab provides a quick overview of the current heap state. To perform comprehensive analysis capture a memory snapshot.

This information can be useful as an overview of memory consumed by the profiled application and also as a clue to detecting memory leaks. For details, see How to find out why application eats that much memory? and How to find memory leaks?

Allocation telemetry

You can profile object allocation without capturing a memory snapshot.

"Memory | Allocations" tab shows counts and sizes for objects whose allocations have been recorded, including objects which are still alive as well as objects that have been collected by the moment.

This live view provides only basic information, and you still need to capture memory snapshot to perform comprehensive analysis: to separate live objects from dead objects, to see where live objects are retained, etc.