Fully featured low overhead profiler for Java EE and Java SE platforms.
Easy-to-use performance and memory .NET profiler for Windows, Linux and macOS.
Secure and easy profiling in cloud, containers and clustered environments.
Performance monitoring and profiling of Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, Gradle, Maven, Ant and JUnit.

Changes in version 2023.9

JVM support

  • feature Java 21 is supported.

Linux support

  • feature Profiler UI has been ported to the Linux arm64 platform. Now you can launch profiler UI on your lovely Raspberry Pi, or on the powerful Arm workstations.
  • caveat The minimal supported glibc version for the profiler agent on x86 and x64 platforms is 2.17. It corresponds to the RHEL 7.

macOS support

  • feature arm64 and x64 macOS disk images can be downloaded separately. This reduces the size of the downloaded app in comparison with a previous version, which was a universal app.
  • improvement The stability and robustness of the auto-updater tool has been improved.
  • caveat The minimal supported macOS version for the profiler UI is now macOS 10.15.

Windows support

  • feature Profiler UI has been ported to the Windows arm64 platform. Now you can launch profiler UI without emulation on your Windows arm64 laptops.
  • caveat The minimal supported Windows version for the profiler UI is now Windows 10.

Java Flight Recorder support

YourKit Connection Broker

  • feature Connection Broker shows CPU utilization in the application list for applications running with the profiler agent 2023.9.
    CPU usage column in the application list
  • feature For applications running with the profiler agent 2023.9, the broker shows an application properties page, which displays environment variables, command line parameters, and various JVM properties.


  • feature Authentication with encrypted PPK Version 3 key file is supported. In particular, profiler supports PuTTY keys with the Argon2 hashing scheme.
  • improvement The profiler detects a situation where the connection is established through a misconfigured HTTP proxy server, and shows a special error message to help resolve the issue.

User interface

  • feature The profiler supports drag and drop. Now, in order to open a snapshot, you can simply drag and drop it into the profiler window.
  • improvement Improved responsiveness of the user interface, when synchronizing with the profiler agent.
  • improvement Smoother animations on Windows.

Memory profiling

  • feature Allocation flame graph is a new way to visualize an allocation call tree, which allows finding the object allocation hotspots quickly and easily. Allocation flame graph is similar to CPU flame graph, but shows the allocations as a flame.

    Allocation flame graph
  • fix In several cases some Object[] objects were shown as system classes in the GC roots view.

IDE integration

  • feature Eclipse 2023-09 is supported.
  • feature Integration with IntelliJ IDEA installed via JetBrains Toolbox 2.0 is supported.
  • feature MyEclipse 2023.1 is supported.
  • feature NetBeans 19 is supported.
  • feature TomEE run configuration is supported in Eclipse.
  • feature TomEE run configuration is supported in IntelliJ IDEA.

EE server support

  • feature Java server integration wizard now supports TomEE server.
  • feature Java server integration wizard now supports Open Liberty server.
  • feature WildFly 29 server is supported.
  • caveat Support of Apache Geronimo server is discontinued.


  • feature MongoDB driver version 4.10 is supported.
  • feature Cassandra Datastax Java Driver 4.17 is supported.


  • feature New command line options -license-key=<key> and -accept-eula to enter the license key and accept profiler EULA, which can be used for unattended installation.


Deprecation means that we intend to remove the feature or capability from a future release of YourKit Java Profiler. The feature or capability will continue to work and is fully supported until it is officially removed.

  • Support of FreeBSD is deprecated and scheduled for removal. YourKit Java Profiler 2023.9 is the last version which has native profiling agent for the FreeBSD platform.
  • Command line tool to control profiling is deprecated in favor of profiler HTTP API, and scheduled for removal. Actually, this tool is a wrapper over the profiler HTTP API, but it has less functionality and fewer capabilities. If you are already using this tool, please switch to using the HTTP API.

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