YourKit, LLC is a modern company founded in 2003. The company is committed to delivering new generations of development tools for .NET and Java software developers.

Being experienced professionals themselves, YourKit founders deeply understand the real needs of professional developers. Intelligence, usability and quality are the key principles on which YourKit builds its tools.

JDJ Editors' Choice Award Winner YourKit Java Profiler received the Java Developer's Journal Editors' Choice Award.
"I had to collect data about a memory leak that happen over several hours of time in the production server. Using other profilers this was not possible since they kept on crashing. Using YourKit this was amazingly easy. It just ran in the background and I gathered statistics at certain moments in time and then compared them against each-other. YourKit is a really nice profiler and I use it now."
Geert Bevin,
Lead developer of RIFE
web application framework